Pay becomes the main reason people change jobs

A recent poll by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have complied a survey which seems to suggest that belt-tightening during the recession continues to happen as over half of the two thousand people who took the survey said that a wage increase would be the main reason for moving jobs, although there was strong support for job satisfaction and the opportunity to learn new things.

The change in attitude amongst British workers comes as wage freezes and below inflation pay increases begin to have an impact. The latest reports showed that the annual pay growth is currently at 2.1%, while Consumer Price Index inflation is running at double that.
The article which appeared in the Telegraph, claims 36% of those asked said their living conditions had worsened in the last year, up from 29% in 2010; while 7% said there condition had improved, down from 10% last year. It’s believed that the change is also due to increased job insecurity, as workers become unsure as to whether saving cuts will affect them.

Clearly the current economic downturn is having an affect on living conditions and job security, but it is important to note that job satisfaction in current roles, while a fifth of those questioned said they wouldn’t consider leaving their current role.

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